Bruce Randolph School

10th graders tour the U.S. Mint

Posted 12/03/2015

On November 12, tenth graders and teachers went to visit the U.S. Mint in downtown Denver.  As we study Civics and the role of government, we thought it would be a relevant trip to find out how our government controls the printing and minting of money.  The Denver Mint has a lot of security as students found out when they arrived.  They couldn’t bring a backpack or purse and had to go through a security metal detector to get into the Mint.   The Denver Mint makes coins of all denominations and they took us on a tour of the entire process.  The Mint also has some great historical items including the story of a former employee who stole gold bars from the Mint and buried them in his backyard until he was caught.  After the Mint tour, the class went to the nearby park for lunch and soccer, football, or kickball.  It was a fun and interesting day!