Bruce Randolph School

6th Grade Volleyball


  • To introduce our 6th graders to volleyball in an instructional environment that will allow for the development of basic fundamental skills


  • Serving, passing, and ensuring that all players have an opportunity to participate.
  • Consistent serves and controlled passes that allow for rallies.
  • Attempting to get three consistent contacts on each side of the court – a controlled pass to the set position, a bump set (or hand set), and a bump (or hit) over the net.


  • All interested 6th grade girls who are grade-eligible to play need to do the following to be placed on the team:
    • Sports Physicals
    • Sports Physicals must be scheduled now.
    • All physical paperwork must be submitted by Friday, Oct. 16
    • If your sports physical paperwork is not submitted by the date listed above, you will NOT be able to play in a game.

Sports Participation Fee

  • A $25 participation fee is required for all BRS sports.
  • All payments must be received by Friday, October 16th.
  • If your payment is not received by the deadline, you will NOT be able to play in a game until it is paid.
  • If you are having trouble paying this fee, please see Mr. Botello.

Practice and Game Schedule

  • These schedules will be coming out shortly. Please listen carefully to announcements for the next team meeting or practice.
  • Please keep in mind that the 6th grade practice and game schedule will be different from the 7th and 8th grade team.

Player Expectations

  • Attendance at practices and games is required unless otherwise excused with coaches.
  • Players cannot be failing any classes and need to maintain BRUCE values in the classroom and on the court.
  • You will need to be in gym uniform with a water bottle and ready on time to participate in practice.
  • You will need to have a white shirt, your grey PE shorts, sneakers, and a water bottle on game days to be able to play.

Head Coach:

Kathryn Fleegal
720-424-1190 |

Assistant Coach:

Amy Graham