Bruce Randolph School

College Advising

The mission of Bruce Randolph School is to graduate 100% of seniors prepared to succeed without the need for remediation in a four-year college or university. Bruce Randolph School has a full range of programs and advisors ready to help prepare your grizzly student for college and career.

Students will receive advising for:

  • Concurrent enrollment (college classes at Bruce Randolph, on the CCD campus or at Emily Griffith Technical College)
  • ASCENT program enrollment
  • Transcript, earned credits and graduation requirements questions
  • General college readiness questions

College Readiness Counselor:

Jan Downing

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment allows students to complete college courses and earn college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit toward high school graduation. Bruce Randolph School partners with Community College of Denver, CEC Middle College and Emily Griffith Technical College to enable students to take a variety of classes at these campuses. College classes that can be taken at these institutions to earn college credit include Math 121, English 121, Certified Nursing Assistant and Video Gaming.

Several of our Bruce Randolph teachers are CCD adjunct faculty and will teach the following courses here at Bruce Randolph during the 2015-16 school year. Bruce Randolph currently has more than 300 high school students taking college classes and earning college credit through the concurrent enrollment program.

Classes Available for College Credit:

Concurrent Enrollment Table