Bruce Randolph School

College Seminar Class

A unique feature of Bruce Randolph School is a four-year college preparation course, called College Seminar, which students begin when they enter high school at Bruce Randolph. College Seminar is automatically built into a student’s schedule for all four years of a student’s high school education. Each grade level of college seminar offers a curriculum that best meets students’ college preparatory needs at that time.


9th Grade:
During 9th grade, students take a year-long basic keyboarding class that builds keyboarding skills, and allows the student to earn three transcript college credits through Community College of Denver.


10th Grade:
During 10th grade, students can continue to expand on their keyboarding skills with a Keyboarding Applications class (three college credits), an Introduction to Computer Technical Applications class (three college credits) or an Introduction to College class (three college credits).


11th Grade:
During 11th grade College Seminar, students lay the foundation for their senior year college application process with many college-focused activities, such as writing a personal statement, building/updating a resume, researching potential colleges and scholarships and preparing for and taking the ACT. Juniors also go on a three day-two night college preparatory retreat to Estes Park, Colo., where they participate in focused workshops and begin to plan for college and/or career.


12th Grade:
During senior year, students apply to at least four colleges and at least three scholarships, meet with representatives from many area colleges and practice their interview skills. College campus visits are planned for students at all high school grade levels throughout the school year. Additionally, if qualifications are met, Bruce Randolph students are able to waive the fee for their college applications and are also able to waive the fee (up to three times) for retaking the ACT.


student studying active physics

students in classroom