Bruce Randolph School

Core Values

The Bruce Randolph School program is driven by the following core values which honor Daddy Bruce Randolph and serve as the guiding principles of the work we do each day.



Brilliance is striving for academic excellence. You demonstrate brilliance when thinking critically and creatively. When you are brilliant, you are a shining force that propels you towards success and inspires others. Daddy Bruce showed brilliance when he designed his very own barbeque pit and crafted a successful business plan for his restaurant.


Respect is the foundation for positive relationships and a safe and fun community. Respect is a “language” that we express through our words, our body language, our actions and even our thoughts. When we respect others, we try to understand their point of view and we focus on being polite by “treating others how we want to be treated.” Daddy Bruce showed respect by giving kindness and care to those in his community; he became a local legend because he treated others with respect and earned respect in return.


We are connected to our community. Our actions affect others and their actions affect us. We are connected to our mission: we will graduate 100% of seniors prepared to succeed without remediation in a four-year college or university. Only together as Grizzlies can we achieve this mission. Daddy Bruce liked to say, “You can’t beat love. Nothing beats love. If you give just one thing, you get three things back.” We each have our own history. Yet we are connected to this history of unity as well. We are connected to Daddy Bruce, to our school, and to the community it serves. We use who we are individually to form who we are as a Bruce Randolph community.student in hallway


Your character is the kind of person you are. It is not something you are born with; it is something you must work to shape and mold. Your character is formed by the words you say, the choices you make, and the learning you take from your experiences. One way Daddy Bruce showed his character was through his continual acts of charity and kindness.


Effort is what helps you show your best and leads to personal and academic success. Effort is necessary to reach your dreams and goals. Showing effort requires your focus, your positive attitude and giving your best in every situation. Daddy Bruce showed effort everyday by setting goals to positively influence his community and working hard every day to make those dreams a reality.