Bruce Randolph School

Brian Hull

Physical Education Teacher



My name is Brian Hull and this is my 5th year teaching at Bruce Randolph School and 7th year teaching overall. I am a Colorado native and graduated from Alameda High School in 2004. I went to college at both Metro State University and Sterling College (in Kansas). I played baseball in college for three years and received my Bachelor's Degree in Human Performance and Sport and also got my K-12 Teaching Licensure in Physical Education. Furthermore, there are many reasons as to why I became a P.E. teacher. When I was in high school, my P.E. teachers and coaches had the greatest impact on my life; I looked up to them. They taught me the importance of daily physical activity, eating right, having a good work ethic, and how to become a better person. I realized that Physical Education helped me become a better mover, a better thinker, and most importantly, a better human being. P.E. and athletics also helped me understand the importance of perseverance and being a team player. Out of high school, I immediately knew that I wanted to become a P.E. teacher and have a positive impact on students. Physical Education is very important for all students and I'd like to help students understand that everyone can be successful! In my Physical Education classes, I love using technology! All of my students have the luxury of wearing heart rate monitors and pedometers everyday, along with learning through PowerPoint presentations, Ipad apps, and gifs. I truly believe that students learn best through the use of technology! Before entering into the Denver Public School district, I was a Campus Supervisor and teacher in Jefferson County Public Schools for two years and also was a Recreation Coordinator at the Jefferson County Jail for one year-an experience that was very beneficial! Lastly, in my spare time, I love spending time with my family; my wife Danielle, my son Aiden, my dog Jake, and my twin brother Brad. I also enjoy watching the Colorado Rockies and the Dallas Cowboys. Go Rockies and Cowboys!