Bruce Randolph School

Enrollment and Registration


Annual Family Update re-opens July 20. Save time during fall registration by quickly updating your student’s information online this summer.  All information for current students must be verified with DPS every year. In order to participate in the online Annual Family Update, you must have an active DPS Parent Portal account. 


Click HERE for an instructional guide to updating your parent portal account.


Family Access to Annual Family Update: Families need a Parent Portal account to participate in Annual Family Update. Our data indicate that the most common technical problem experienced by families during the “Early Bird” window was Parent Portal login issues. To promote a smoother experience during the “Regular” window, we encourage schools to promote Parent Portal account creation and password retrieval to families starting now. You can find sample language to use at your discretion here.


Take action now to sign up, or to check that your account is active and ready!

To create a Parent Portal account, you can go to and click on Create an Account. As a reminder, the person creating the account must be marked as the guardian for a student that is actively enrolled in a DPS school. To set up the Parent Portal account, you must have an active email address, your student’s ID number, and your student’s date of birth that is on file. You can access student ID numbers by searching for it here:

This is the link for parents to create a parent portal which they need to have to register in school mint. If you already have an active Parent Portal account, but cannot remember your Parent Portal username or password, the site provides self-service actions where you can retrieve that information. To retrieve username or password, in the Parent Portal site, under the blue “Log In” button, you can select Forgot Username, or Forgot password (Parent) as needed.

This is the link this will make it easier for families to register


Actualización Familiar Anual se reabrira el 20 de julio. Ahorren tiempo durante las inscripciones de otoño al actualizar rápidamente la información de su estudiante en línea este verano. Toda la información de los estudiantes actuales debe verificarse anualmente en DPS. Para participar en la Actualización Familiar Anual en línea, deben tener una cuenta activa en el Portal de Padres de DPS.


Haga clic AQUÍ para obtener una guía de instrucciones para actualizar su cuenta del portal para padres.


¡Tome accion ahora para crear su cuenta o para verificar que su cuenta esté activa y lista!

Para crear una cuenta del Portal de Padres, puede ir a y hacer clic en Crear una cuenta. Como recordatorio, la persona que crea la cuenta debe estar marcada como tutor legal de un estudiante que está matriculado en una escuela de DPS. Para crear una cuenta de Portal de Padres, debe tener un correo electrónico activo, el número de identificación escolar de su estudiante (Numero de almuerzo) y la fecha de nacimiento de su estudiante que está en el archivo con DPS. Para encontrar el número de identificación escolar de su estudiante, puede acceder al sitio web y buscarlo aquí:

Si usted ya tiene una cuenta activa del Portal de Padres, pero no puede recordar su nombre de usuario o contraseña del Portal de Padres, el sitio web proporciona acciones de autoservicio donde puede recuperar esa información. Para recuperar el nombre de usuario o la contraseña, en el sitio del Portal de Padres, puede seleccionar Olvidé mi nombre de usuario u Olvidé mi contraseña (Padre)debajo del botón azul que indica Ingresar.

Middle School

Greetings, Denver Public Schools family! DPS believes all students should have the same access to quality schools, regardless of their background or where they live in Denver. You should know that as a resident of the Near Northeast Middle school Enrollment Zone, your child is guaranteed a place at one of the following schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

Bruce Randolph [6-12]

DSST: Cole Middle School [6-12]

Mcauliffe Manual Middle School [6-12]

Whittier [ECE – 8th]

Even though your reside in this enrollment zone and have guaranteed access to one of these four schools, you may select any school in the district when completing the SchoolChoice application.

There are many factors to consider as you research school options, including academic programs, extracurricular activities, transportation and school culture. Regardless of the path you choose, DPS is committed to serving ass your partner in this important journey.

Look inside for overviews of all the schools in the Near Northeast Middle School Enrollment Zone, as well as other information to help you make your decision for next year.

High School

Our high school is an all-choice high school where families need to fill out a Denver Public School Choice form:



To register at Bruce Randolph, families need to bring the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent ID
  • Proof of address (Xcel bill, water bill, home phone bill, renter contract or mortgage statement)
  • Student vaccination record
  • Transcript (high school only)

Other Enrollment Resources:

Find Your Neighborhood School (map)
School Choice Forms
New Student Enrollment (students new to Denver)