Bruce Randolph School

Letter from the Principal

January 7, 2019


Parents, Students, and Community Members,

Bruce Randolph School is excited to embark upon Semester 2 of the 2018-19 school year.  With much to celebrate after our first semester, we are incredibly proud of all of our students as they engage in the rigorous content of their grade level and course.  We are seeing growth and continued student achievement that lets us know that we are doing the right work.  It is our commitment to our community, that each of our students graduates and is prepared to enter this vibrant city prepared to have a positive impact and to enter the post-secondary pathway of their choice.

The mission of Bruce Randolph School is to graduate 100% of seniors prepared to succeed without remediation in a four-year college or university.

The second semester is an incredibly exciting time for our students as they cement their learning and prepare for the rigor of the next school year.  For our seniors, this semester is the close to their high school experience and is marked with many rites of passage, including graduation.  We look forward to meeting our mission as 100% of our seniors walking across the graduation stage at DU on May 28th.  Until then, we will continue to celebrate each of our seniors as their college acceptance letters and scholarship awards are received.

“You can’t beat love, nothing beats love.  If you give just one thing, you get three things back.”

–Daddy Bruce Randolph

We appreciate the continued love and support that our community provides to each of our students and our school, and value your partnership.  As we move into the second semester, we invite our community to join us for a variety of engagement opportunities to further support your student, including our Collaborative School Committee, Monthly Parent Meetings, and our 8/9th School Choice Events.



Melissa Boyd