Bruce Randolph School

Message from the Principals

November 2015

Parents, Students and Community Members,

They tried to bury us; they didn’t know we were seeds.
–Mexican Proverb

This quote exemplifies how I approach my work at Bruce Randolph. Our community of learners face many difficult challenges; however, our students are seeds that need attention, nourishment, support and sun in order to blossom. Our students have teachers and staff who give students the needed attention and hold them to high behavior and academic standards and hold them accountable. This has resulted in creating a nourishing school environment where students feel safe, engaged and ready to meet the academic challenges set forth. Our teachers nourish our core values of BRILLIANCE, RESPECT, UNITY, CHARACTER and EFFORT to meet our mission:

The Mission of Bruce Randolph is graduate 100% of students prepared
to succeed without remediation in a four-year college or university.

We live to meet our mission of 100% graduation. Our high graduation rates have been recognized by President Obama and local city and state officials! We have flipped our remediation rate upside down within one year. All current seniors have already been accepted to college. However, the work is not finished. Our promise to the community is to have our student’s blossom into positive citizens by graduating from college or a career in order to break the cycle of poverty.


Cesar Cedillo signature

Cesar Cedillo
Principal, Bruce Randolph High School



November 2015

Parents, Students and Community Members,

It is my great honor to serve as the middle school principal of Bruce Randolph School.  This is my eight year working in the Bruce Randolph community and each day I strive to provide opportunities for all students who enter our learning family.  Our mission is to “graduate 100% of students prepared to succeed without remediation in a four-year college or university.”  This goal requires a strong partnership between home and school, so we welcome all families into our building to learn about what we have to offer all potential scholars.

Over the years, Bruce Randolph School has partnered with multiple organizations and service providers to meet the individual learning needs of all students.  Currently, all students are provided access to high-quality after-school tutoring programs through our partnership with three organizations. Metro State University of Denver offers tutoring through our 21st Century after-school program. CityYear provides academic support targeting our sixth grade scholars.  Finally, The YMCA of Metro Denver provides enrichment programming which is open to all students.  Academic math supports are also provided to all sixth and eighth grade students who are currently below grade level through the implementation of 3:1 tutoring groups which take place during the school day.

Bruce Randolph staff members also believe in providing high-quality extra-curricular opportunities for students during the school day as well as after regular school hours.  We are currently in year three of our partnership with El Sistema Colorado and 1 out of 4 middle school students play an instrument through this program.  Building a strong partnership with local elementary schools around our strong music program is a priority goal moving into 2016 and beyond.

Bruce Randolph Middle School also participates in the district sports program in the following sports:  soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball and baseball.  Bruce Randolph School has built a strong athletic tradition which continues on in high school in all sports, but flag football.  Students have the opportunity to participate in student leadership through our MS student council advisory group which organizes school events, Be BRUCE celebrations and management of our school store.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with questions or schedule your school visit today!

Go Grizzlies!!!

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Zachary McDowell
Principal, Bruce Randolph Middle School