Bruce Randolph School

A Message from the Principal

Posted 02/11/2016


Dear Bruce Randolph students, families and community members,

After eight years of dedicated service to the Bruce Randolph School community, I will be seeking new opportunities in the field of education at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.  Over the course of my tenure as Assistant Principal and Middle School Principal, it became clear to me how special the Bruce Randolph School community is.  I was blessed to witness the first graduating class of 2010, listen as President Obama recognized our work in the State of the Union address, celebrate with students as they secured college scholarship money and witness the expansion of the performing arts within our building.  These are only a few of the amazing events I was able to be a part of during my time at Bruce Randolph School.

Bruce Randolph students, families and community members have much to celebrate!  Our five-year graduation rate is 99% and more and more students are accessing the College First program which provides a paid year of college for students who complete at least 12 college credits during high school.  Recently, Bruce Randolph was recognized as one of only five schools in DPS which decreased remediation rates by 10% or more in all content areas.  This decrease of 42% in remediation rates equals 39 more graduates prepared to access college level courses as soon as they enroll in college or university.  Students who commit to Bruce Randolph School can be assured that a future full of possibilities is awaiting them as they move towards graduation.

Most importantly, the work Executive Principal Cesar Cedillo and the committed staff do will continue.  In my 15 years in education, I have never worked with a more dedicated staff.  Teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and other staff members work tirelessly to ensure that all students have access to high-quality educational programs which meet the needs of all learners.  All staff members collaborate to support students and live the legacy of Daddy Bruce Randolph who once stated “You can’t beat love.  Nothing beats love.  If you give just one thing, you get three things back”.   Educators honor his legacy daily by living the core values of brilliance, respect, unity, character and effort and it has been a gift to serve side-by-side with them for eight years.

It has been one of my greatest honors working with the students, staff, families and community members which represent the Bruce Randolph family.  The experiences I have had working at Bruce will guide my future work in the field of education and serve as a model for what is possible when a group of committed stakeholders come together to create a vision for success for all students!

With my most sincere regards,

Zachary McDowell
Principal, Bruce Randolph Middle School


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