Bruce Randolph School

Running Club

The Bruce Randolph Running Club welcomes runners of every kind each Tuesday and Thursday after school. Whether you are someone who already loves to run, or someone who is just getting started, the Bruce Randolph Running Club is here to help you love running and what it can help you to accomplish. Over the course of several weeks, we’ve seen all of our runners celebrate the accomplishment that comes with their efforts – whether it is going a little longer, or a little faster each week, or just completing a run when they thought they didn’t have it in them. Several brand new runners who joined us this year ran distances they never thought they could! We are very excited for next year, when we hope to put together an official school cross country running team to compete! Hope to see you out there–so lace up those sneakers and let’s go for a run!

Meeting Times:
Tuesday & Thursday, 4-5:30 p.m.

Jay Morin